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"Evolution in Action" - New permanent exhibit at Museum of Natural History in Berlin.

The Bode Museum has reopened its doors in Berlin. The museum houses the sculptural treasures of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation.

"Hold the Color" - works by Paulina Olowska and Lucy McKenzie at the Sammlung Goetz in Munich. Until August 4.

"Otto Freundlich - Pictures of a Social Utopia." Works by an artist considered "degenerate" by the Nazis. At Munich's Pinakothek der Moderne Kunst, until August 9.

"elegant // expressiv: From Houdon to Rodin". French 19th centruy sculpture. Kunsthalle Karlsruhe. Until August 26.

"Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Die Deutschlandreise 1925/26" (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - The German Tour 1925/26". In the Kunstsammlungen in Chemnitz, until August 26.

"A.R. Penck Retrospective". Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, until September 16.

"Cindy Sherman". A major retrospective of Sherman's work from the early black and white portraits to today. Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin, until September 17.

"Documenta 12". Major international exhibition of contemporary art, taking place once every five years. In Kassel, until September 23.

"Jasper Johns' Early Works," Kunstmuseum Basel. Through September 23.

"sculpture projects muenster 07". Major international sculpture exhibition, taking place once every ten years. In Münster, until September 30.

"Under the Sign of the Golden Griffin". A unique exhibition of the golden treasures of the Scythians. At Berlin's Martin Gropius Bau until October 1.

"Robert Gober. Work 1976 - 2007." A major retrospective of the fabulous drainpipe artist at the Schaulager in Basel, until October 14.

"Münchner Kreise - Photographer Theodor Hilsdorf 1868-1944". At the Stadtmuseum in Munich, until November 30.

"Dirndls, Trunks, Edelweiss" - The Folk Art of the Wallach brothers, who popularized Bavarian traditional design before fleeing Nazi Germany. Jewish Museum, Munich. Until December 30, 2007.

Tear Down This Wall" - Exhibition on the 20th anniversary of US President Ronald Reagan's historic speech. Allied Museum in Berlin. Until December 30, 2007.

"Hiroshi Sugimoto", works by the Japanese master photographer, Kunstsammlung North-Rhine Westphalia, Dusseldorf. Until January 6, 2008

"A Life in Ceramics" - the life and work of Hedwig Bollhagen, at the Potsdam Museum, in the House of Brandenburg-Prussian History. Through January 13, 2008.


"Bacon's Arena". UK, 2005. Documentary by Adam Low. A portrait of Francis Bacon (1909 - 1992), one of the most influential painters of the 20th century.

"Heartbreak Hotel". Sweden, 2006. Comedy by Colin Nutley. They couldn't be more different. Temperamental gynacologist Elisabether and the prim Gudrun. Together the friends prove that life only just starts after the frustrations of marriage.

"The Chinese Botanist's Daughters". Drama by Dai Sijie. The young Li travels to the island where the botany professor Chen is working, in the hopes of becoming his assistant. He treats her brusquely, but his daughter, An, is happy to meet the young student. A meeting that will change their lives.

"Zizek!". USA, 2005. Documentary by Astra Taylor. His interests range from Alfred Hitchcock to 9/11, from opera to Christianity, from Lenin to David Lynch. The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek is one of the most important - and outrageous - contemporary cultural critics.

"Traders' Dreams". Germany, 2006. An eBay Documentary by Stefan Tolz and Marcus Vetter.

"Deutschland privat - Im Land der bunten Träume". (Germany in private - in the land of colourful dreams). Germany, 2006. A monument to Super 8 film, directed by Robert Van Ackeren.

"darkbluealmostblack". Spain, 2006. Drama by Daniel Sanchez Arevalo. Jorge is looking forward to finishing his studies. But when his father has a stroke he takes a job as a janitor to care for him.

"Verführung von Engeln". Short films by Jan Krüger. Jan Krüger, born in Aachen in 1973, is one of the rising talents of the new German film. His short films are often surprising observations of closeness, distance and dependency.

"Verstörung - und eine Art von Poesie. Die Filmlegende Bernhard Wicki" (film legend Bernhard Wicki). Germany, 2007. Documentary by Elisabeth Wicki-Endriss. On the extraordinary life of filmmaker Bernhard Wicki.

"Schindlers Häuser - Photographie und Jenseits, Teil 12" (Schindler's buildings). Architectural documentary by Heinz Emigholz. Showing buildings designed by Austrian-American architect Rudolph Schindler between 1921 and 1952.

"GG 19". Germany, 2007. Feature film in 19 episodes by Harald Siebler, Marion Kracht, Suzanne von Borsody, Johannes von Gwinner, Savas Ceviz and others. The film GG19, for Grundgesetz 19, portrays the 19 basic rights in the German Basic Law, or constitution.

"Söhne" (sons). Germany, 2007. Documentary by Volker Koepp. A German-Polish family story about the postwar years and a forgotten generation - the war-children in Poland and Germany.

"Valley of Flowers". Germany / France, 2006. Drama by Pan Nalin. A moving story of passion, death an rebirth, the film tells of a band of thieves who attack caravans in the Himalayas.

"El Custodio - The Minder". Argentina / Germany / France, 2006. Drama by Rodrigo Moreno. If the minister of planning gets out of his car, Ruben gets out of his car. If the minister turns left, Ruben turns left. The Minder is a film about a job which entails replacing someone's life for another's.


"Rheingau Music Festival". The 20th annual festival of classical music in a variety of venues in and around Frankfurt. Until September 1, 2007.


"Munich Opera Festival". A festival of classical and contemporary opera taking place in Munich until July 31, 2007.

"Bregenzer Festspielen". Opera and theatre festival on the Bodensee, featuring Britten's "Death in Venice" and Puccini's "Tosca". Until August. 19. - let's talk european