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It is a commonly held belief that Europeans are coming ever closer together. More often than not, however, they know very little about what their fellow Europeans care about, what interests and moves them. Even if we discuss the same topics, we learn little about what our neighbours think about them. Despite the quality and quantity of the European press, debates on internationally relevant topics in individual countries still tend to be limited to national perspectives. is a novel type of online magazine which strives to help create and foster a diverse European public sphere. Under the motto "Let's talk European," we aim to advance a new form of international understanding, harnessing the potential of the Internet and the English language.

Our activities:

- full translations of the most interesting articles for a wider readership - again linked back to the original features

- initiation of cross-border debates on internationally relevant topics, stimulating the cross-fertilisation of print and online media

Click here for our debate on multiculturalism, here for the international press-echoes it received, here for a general selection of our international press resonance and here for our international events.

Our motivation:

- is a growing international media-network dedicated to utilising the Internet and the English language as bridges to diversity and multilingualism.

- The issues are global; the public spheres national. is working to redress this balance. We aim to interconnect European newspapers and magazines, and to boost mutual awareness of discussions and cultural events across the continent. We believe the press could play a far more central role in European integration than it has done to date.

Our readers:

Many international readers from across the world appreciate Thousands of journalists and other influential multiplicators subscribe to our newsletter.

We invite partners and sponsors to accompany and support us in this process of internationalisation. We are open to any number of cooperation models and would be happy to discuss them with you personally.

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Read more about signandsight's international co-operation partners: foundations, newspapers, cultural institutions in Europe and worldwide!

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