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"Goecke / Lee / Spradling: New Works". With peices by Marco Goecke, Douglas Lee and Marc Spradling. At the Stuttgart Ballet.

"moZART". Ballet by Heinz Spoerli with music by Mozart and Kaija Saariaho, at the Zurich Opera House.


"You won't feel a thing: on Panik, Obsession, Ritual and Anesthesia" in personal interactions with the neoliberal world. At the Kunsthaus Dresden, until November 5, 2006.

The Bode Museum has reopened its doors in Berlin. The museum houses the sculptural treasures of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, writes that here Europe can behold its aesthetic, religious, intellectual and political history for the first time in three-dimensional form.

"Tödliche Medizin: Rassenwahn im Nationalsozialismus" (deadly medicine: race delusions under National Socialism). A guest exhibition by the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum in Dresden, until June 24, 2007.

"Peter Doig - Go West Young Man". The first exhibition in Eastern Germany of one of the most internationally acclaimed painters of his generation. At the Museum der Bildenden Künste in Leipzig, until November 26, 2006.

"The Blue Rider in the 21st Century". Juxtaposing works by Blue Rider artists Franz Marc, August Macke, Wassily Kandinsky and Alexei Jawlensky with contemporary artists Franz Ackermann, Thomas Demand, Olafur Eliasson and Katharina Grosse. At the Lenbachhaus in Munich.

"Heimat und Exil" (Home and exile) looks at the mass emigration of Jews from Germany and their assimilation into neighbouring countries. At the Jewish Museum in Berlin until April 9, 2007. It then travels to Bonn and Leipzig.

"Peintures." Under the umbrella of ART FRANCE BERLIN (September till December 2006) the Berlin Martin Gropius Bau is showing a collection of works by French artists from 1972 - on loan from the Centre Pompidou. Lasts until November 12, 2006.

Plus Rebecca Horn. Her first major retrospective (1964 to 2006) since 1994 with installations, drawings, sculptures and films. Until January 15, 2007.

"I like America." Paintings, film and photographs investigate the German love for the Wild West at the Frankfurter Kunsthalle, until January 7, 2007.

"From Monet to Mondrian. Modern Masterpieces from Dresden's Private Collections in the first half of the 20th century". At the Palais Brühlsche Terrasse in Dresden until January 14, 2007.

"The Guggenheim Collection". At the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Bonn, until January 7, 2007.

The first large solo exhibition of The Atlas Group features an archive of found and produced photographic, audiovisual, and written documents of everyday life in Lebanon. Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin until January 7.

A retrospective of Cuban-American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres on the 10th anniversary of his death. Aesthetically polished and socially provocative works using minimalist strategies combined with personal, social and political meaning. Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin until January 9.

"Andreas Slominski. The Roter Sand Lighthouse and a Stroke of Luck". Andreas Slominski has made an extraordinary contribution to contemporary art, and the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt is staging the largest museum exhibition of his works to date. Until January 28, 2007.

"Picasso – Painting against time". With almost 200 pieces from some 60 lenders, including paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures, document Picasso's specific working processes and the uniqueness of the style in his late art. At the Albertina in Vienna, until January 7, 2007.

"Reiner Leist: Window". For more than ten years, Reiner Leist has photographed New York from an office window on 8th Avenue with a 19th century plate camera. At the Museum für Fotografie in Berlin, until January 7, 2007.

"Caravaggio". At the museum kunst palast in Düsseldorf, until January 7, 2007.

"Martin Munkacsi. Think while you shoot". Retrospective of the great photographer. At Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin, until November 26, 2006.

"Tibet. Monasteries open their treasure chambers". Villa Hügel in Essen, until November 26, 2006.

"Felsen aus Beton und Glas. Die Architektur von Gottfried Böhm" (Cliffs of concrete and glass. The architecture of Gottfried Böhm). Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt, until November 5, 2006.

"Ed Ruscha. Photographer". The work of Ed Ruscha – born in 1937 in Omaha, Nebraska before moving to Los Angeles, where he still lives – has yet to be grasped in its full significance. Museum Ludwig, Cologne, until November 26, 2006.

Two exhibitions have opened on the on the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, in Berlin and Magdeburg, until December 10, 2006.

"The Green Vault".The Saxon royal treasures have moved back to their original home in Dresden's Royal Palace. Permanent exhibition.

"Entry". A look into the future of humanity at Essen's Zeche Zollverein, in Essen, until December 3, 2006.

The Eighth Square: Gender, Life, and Desire in the Arts since 1960”, a journey to the furthest fringes of sexuality. Museum Ludwig, Cologne. Through November 12.

The German Historical Museum has opened its new permanent exhibit in Berlin.

"Mythos Troja." At the Antikensammlung, Munich, until May 31, 2007.

"Rembrandt. Quest of a Genius." At the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, until November 5, 2006.


"Total Music Meeting 2006". The International Artists' Festival For Improvised Music. This year the festival takes place under the auspices of Berlin's mayor Klaus Wowereit. The focus will be on 'Vocalists in Improvised Music.' With invited artists including Michiko Hirayama, Sainkho Namtchylak, Isabelle Duthoit, Almut Kühne, Phil Minton, Alex Nowitz and their ensembles, world-class talent takes centre-stage. At the Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstr. 124 - 128 in Berlin's Kreuzberg district. Berlin, November 2 - 5, 2006. Click here for the programme.


"Summer '04". Germany, 2006. Psychological drama by Stefan Krohmer. Miriam and her partner Andre spend the summer holidays on the Baltic with their son Nils and his 12-year-old girlfriend. Celebrated in Cannes as the fresh new work of a key figure in the "Nouvelle Vague Allemande."

"Wie Luft zum Atmen" (Like the Air to Breathe). Germany, 2005. Musical documentary by Ruth Olshan. The film provides a glimpse into the impressive musical culture of Georgia, which preserves its culture and identity through music and dance.

"Absolute Wilson". Germany / USA, 2006. Documentary by Katharina Otto-Bernstein. The film chronicles the life, times and creativity of Robert Wilson, intimately revealing one of the most controversial, rule-breaking and mysterious artists of our era.

"Angry Monk - reflections on Tibet". Switzerland, 2005. Documentary by Luc Schaedler. Gendun Choephel was an the errant monk who left the monastic life in 1934 in search of a new challenge. A free spirit and multifaceted individual, he was far ahead of his time and has since become a seminal figure, a symbol of hope for a free Tibet.

"Deutschland: ein Sommermärchen" (Germany: A summer fairytale) 2 years of exclusive access to Klinsmann, Ballack and co. filmed during the run-up to the World Cup. All the sweat, tears and triumph.

"Ich bin die andere" (I am the Other Woman) Margarethe von Trotta's latest film about a woman juggling identities, played by Katja Riemann.

"Science of Sleep". France, 2005. Romantic comedy by Michel Gondry. In his dreams, Stephane (Gaël Garcia Bernal), has all the courage he needs to conquer the girl of his dreams (Charlotte Gainsbourg)...

"Zwei Mädchen aus Istanbul" (Two girls from Istanbul). Turkey, 2005. Drama by Kutlug Ataman. Behiye (Feride Çetin) is intelligent, educated and - trapped. Her brother forces her into a subordinate role like that of her mother. She rebels, but her protests fall on deaf ears, until she meets Handan (Vildan Atasever), her exact opposite.

"Der Kick" (the kick). Germany, 2006. Documentary by Andres Veiel. On the night of July 13, 2002, the brothers Marco and Marcel Schönfeld and their friend Sebastian Fink kill an aquaintance of theirs, 16 year old Marinus Schöberl, in cold blood. The film tries to come to terms with the act.

"Der unbekannte Soldat" (the unknown soldier). Germany, 2006. Documentary by Michael Verhoeven. The "Wehrmachtausstellung" was a taboo-breaking exhitition of crimes committed by the German army during the second world war. Until then, the idea of a "clean" army had prevailed. Then suddenly photos were shown of soldiers murdering civilians. The extreme right demonstrated, and conservative politicians were outraged. The film retells the shocking history of the Wehrmacht in Eastern Europe.

"Gambit". Switzerland / Germany, 2005. Documentary by Sabine Gisiger. On July 10, 1976, the village Seveso in Northern Italy became famous overnight. Highly poisonous dioxin was released after an explosion in the Icmesa factory. The film tells the story of Jörg Sambeth, then factory director, who uncovers information incriminating his superiors.

"Road to Guantanamo". UK, 2006. Drama by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross. A story that's as unbelievable as it is true. Four friends leave England in autumn of 2001 to celebrate the wedding of a friend in Pakistan - but the party turns to purgatory when they take a side-trip to Afghanistan, where they're arrested as terrorist suspects by the US army.

"Swinger Club". Germany, 2005. Drama by Jan Georg Schütte. Albert and Birgit invite their three best friends to a celebration dinner at their country house on their fifth wedding anniversary. But the idyll turns into a minefield as one story comes to light after the next.

"Perfume - The Story of a Murderer". Germany, 2006. Drama by Tom Tykwer. Based on the bestseller by Patrick Süskind.

"Houwelandt - Ein Roman entsteht" (Houwelandt - a novel takes shape). Germany, 2005. Documentary by Jörg Adolph. The film observes writer John von Düffel during the creation of his novel "Houwelandt".

"Jeder schweigt von etwas anderem". Germany, 2005. Documentary by Marc Bauder and Dörte Franke. The story of three German families, just a handful of the estimated 250,000 political prisoners of the German Democratic Republic.

"Das G muss weg". Germany, 2006. Documentary by Renate Günther-Greene. The film shows the functionally illiterate Steffi (27), Mondo (25) and Nicole (24), who had the courage to be filmed for one year as they take part in an alphabetisation course for adults.

"Hedy Lamarr - Secrets of a Hollywood Star". Switzerland / Germany / Canada, 2006. Documentary by Fosco Dubini, Donatelo Dubini and Barbara Obermaier.


"Germania", opera by Alberto Franchetti staged by Kirsten Harms, the director of the Deutsche Oper in Berlin.

"La Perichole", operetta by Jacques Offenbach, at the Stadttheater St. Gallen.

"Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny". Opera by Kurt Weill, text by Bertolt Brecht. Komische Oper Berlin.

"Doktor Faust", by Ferruccio Busoni. At the Opernhaus Zurich.

"Wozzeck". Opera in three acts by Alban Berg, text by Georg Büchner. Theater Ulm.

"Upupa and the Triumph of Filial Love". The newest opera by composer Hans Werner Henze, at the Staatsoper in Hamburg.


"Les mains sales" by Jean-Paul Sartre. Directed by Sebastian Baumgarten at the Schauspielhaus in Dusseldorf.

"Liebe ist nur eine Möglichkeit" (love is just one possibility) by Christoph Nußbaumeder, directed by Thomas Ostermeier at the Schaubühne in Berlin.

"Furcht und Hoffnung in Deutschland" (fear and hope in Germany) by Franz Xaver Kroetz. Directed by Jorinde Dröse at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg.

"Die Perser" (the Persians) by Aeschylus. Directed by Dimiter Gotscheff at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin.

"Väter und Söhne" (Father and Sons) by Ivan Turgenev returns to the stage as a comedy at the Stuttgart Staatstheater under the direction of Friederike Heller.

An all-singing musical version of Daphne du Maurier's "Rebecca" is on at the Raimund Theatre in Vienna. Directed by Francesca Zambello.

"Orpheus, Illegal", by Yuri Andrukhovych (interview). At the Schauspiel Leipzig.

"Oresteia" by Aeschylus, directed by Michael Thalheimer. At the Deutsches Theater in Berlin.

"Angst Essen Seele Auf", directed by Cora Frost. Based on the 1973 film of the same name by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Theater Aachen, until December 29, 2006.

"Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, directed by Jürgen Gosch. Named by the magazine Theater heute the year's best performance. Restarts at the Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus on October 13, 2006.

Antigone's "Sophocles", in Friedrich Hölderlin's translation, reworked by Bertold Brecht. Directed by George Tabori. At the Berliner Ensemble in Berlin. - let's talk european