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Online Advertising

With an advertisement on, you will reach people interested in culture, literature and the Internet as well as inquisitive web users all over the world.

Advertising Formats

Halfsize Banner (234x60 pixels): CPM 25 euros
Fullsize Banner (468x60 pixels): CPM 35 euros
Skyscraper (200x600 pixels): CPM 46 euros

Ad banners will rotate on all pages of

Technical specifications

* Banner and cover images: jpg or gif; max. 20 KB
* Ad tag (URL)
* Delivery by email to or by providing a URL
* Rich-Media: HTML, Flash, Java, D-HTML, Shockwave


We would be happy to discuss advertisements in other formats. For details on rates and further information on advertising possibilities, please contact Thierry Chervel at +49 (0)30 400 55 83 15, or Jan Koehler at +49 (0)30 400 55 83 16,

Conditions of Advertising

All advertisements are subject to the approval of We reserve the right to reject or cancel any advertising at any time. reserves the right to request advance payment for composition and/or space.
The advertiser and/or its agents agrees to indemnify against any loss, damages, or expenses arising from the use by advertisers of any authorised name, photography, sketch or words protected by copyright or trademark. assumes no liability for errors in key numbers or codes.
Advertisers wishing to cancel any space orders should do so by the Wednesday prior to the advertised copy date. Any advertisers cancelling after that date will be charged for the amount of space booked.
VAT registered advertisers not resident in Germany or an EC country should supply VAT registration number for zero rating. will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage resulting from failure of any advertisement to appear from any cause whatsoever, nor does it accept liability for errors in any advertisement published nor its failure to appear on a given date.
All orders are bound solely by the conditions as listed here. Other contrary conditions listed on orders by the client will be deemed not to apply.

Orders subject to a series discount must be completed within twelve months. If a cancellation results in an advertiser failing to reach agreed insertion levels to qualify for a series discount, the advertiser will be surcharged on prior insertions at the relevant level of series discount. - let's talk european