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Jandl Contest Part II

English translations

otto's moggy

otto's moggy stops
otto: off you hop moggy
otto's moggy hops off
otto: hoho

otto shops for gloss
otto shops for hobnobs
otto hollers: mogs mogs
otto hopes

otto's moggy knocks
otto: mogsy mogsy
otto's moggy stops
otto's moggy pops his clogs
otto: no mogs no

Alistair Noon

joe's dog

joe's dog moans
joe: go, dog, go
joe's dog goes
joe: o’o’

joe loves horse
joe got old
joe holds on
joe: dog... dog...
joe hopes

joe's dog knocks
joe: come dog come
joe's dog comes
joe’s dog honks
joe: o GOD! o GOD!

Jan Köhler

Hugh's pug

Hugh's pug chews rug.
Hugh: oh you.
Pug chews anew.
Hugh: shoo pug shoo.

Hugh rues.
Hugh boo-hoos,
Fills tissues.
Still no news.

Hugh's pug: ug ug.
Hugh: yahoo.
Hugh's pug spews bug.
Hugh: eugh.

Lucy Powell

Hugh's Pug

hugh's pug huffs
hugh: hush pug hush
hugh's pug puffs, hush
hugh: youyou...

hugh buys lunch
hugh buys much
hugh puzzles
hugh: pug pug
hugh shrugs

hugh's pug lurks
hugh: burge bug budge
hugh's pug runs
hugh's pug pukes
hugh: ughugh

Anja Wedell

pat´s pet

pat´s pet frets
pat: stet pet stet
pat´s pet scats
pat: chatchat

pat gets sprats
pat gets gnats
pat´s set
pat: pet pet
pat sat

pat´s pet ratatat
pat: let pat pat
pat´s pet jets
pat´s pet wets
pat: splatsplat

Klaus Stadtmüller

scott´s mops

scott´s mops plots
scott: off mops off
scott´s mops hops off
scott: oddodd

scott got stock
scott got grot
scott knots
scott: mops mops
scott sobs

scott´s mops bops
scott: tot mops tot
scott´s mops hobnobs
scott´s mops gobs
scott: blotblot

Klaus Stadtmüller

doug's pug

doug's pug rubs
doug: pug yuh bug
doug's pug scuds
Doug shrugs

doug drums up lunch
doug munches
doug's pug lusts
doug: pug pug
doug's pug fusses

doug's pug tugs rug
doug: come pug come
doug's pug comes
doug's pug chucks
doug: ofuckofuck

Alexander Sager

bob's dog

bob's dog strikes
bob: move boy move
bob's dog moves on
bob: attaboy

bob buys coke
bob buys fruit
bob harks
bob: here boy
bob hopes

bob's dog barks
bob: here boy here
bob's dog comes
bob's dog barfs
bob: ogodogod

Deborah Cohen

pop's mops

pop´s mops sobs
pop: hop mops hop
pop´s mops toddles along
pop: oh oh

pop courts snobs
pop stocks socks
pop plots
pop: mops mops
pop hopes

pop´s mops knocks
pop: come mops come
pop´s mops lopes
pop´s mops drops
pop: stop stop stop

Edith Werner

Otto's pug

Otto's pug defies
Otto: away pug fly!
Otto's pug hops by
Otto: Oh my!
Otto collects his coal
Otto hits the fruit bowl
Otto listens, smug
Otto: here pug! here pug!
Otto: shrug
Otto's pug knocks
Otto: trot in, pug, trot
enter Otto's pup
Otto's pup throws up
Otto: oh no! Oh no!

Gordon McAllister

fritz's spitz

fritz's spitz sits
fritz: speak spitz speak
fritz's spitz grits teeth
fritz: teehee

fritz gets kitts
fritz gets bits
fritz sprints
fritz: spitz spitz
fritz frets

fritz's spitz yips
fritz: quit spitz quit
fritz's spitz quits
fritzt's spitz shits
fritz: it's icky

Mary Collins

Doug's dog

Doug's dog s down
Doug: do dog do
Doug's dog drowns
Doug: d'ho!

Doug digs dough
Doug digs ducks
Doug draws
Doug: dog dog
Doug doubts

Doug's dog knocks
Doug: draw dog draw
Doug's dog draws
Doug's dog dumps
Doug: Damn

Peter Thaler

iggy's spitz

iggy's spitz tricks
iggy: git spitz git
iggy's spitz gits quick
iggy: see see

iggy picks nits
iggy picks figs
iggy peers
iggy: spitz spitz
iggy grieves

iggy's spitz kicks
iggy: flit spitz flit
iggy's spitz flits
iggy's spitz sicks
iggy: tee hee tee hee

Roderick Cox / Birgit Herrmann

Rudi's poodle

Rudi's poodle dawdled.
Rudi: move Poodie move!
Rudi's poodle skidaddled.
Rudi: poodle-schmoodle.

Rudi brewed stew.
Rudi cleaned the loo.
Rudi: Poodie, Poodie,
Poodie, where are you?
Rudi wished he knew.

Poodie came in view.
Rudi: here Poodie, Poodie!
Rudi's poodie spewed.
Rudi: you floozy Poodie!

Steph Morris

Molly's collie

Molly's collie dilly-dallied
Molly: go play in the holly, collie!
Molly's collie trotted off.
Molly wasn't mollified.

Molly chopped logs.
Molly polished knobs.
Molly watched.
Molly: Collie, Collie!
Molly: melancholy.

Molly's collie knocked.
Molly: come collie!
Molly's collie lolloped in.
Molly's collie vomited.
Molly: codswallop, you trollop!

Steph Morris

peter's pug

peter's pug paws
peter: heel pug heel
peter's pug pads off
peter: 'sbetter

peter hauls coal
peter peels fruit
peter harks
peter: pug pug
peter reels

peter's pug barks
peter: here pug here
peter's pug peeks
peter's pug pukes
peter: poor fur rug pug

Tom M., Berlin


Pops' pug do da mug-on
Pops: no Mugs go
Pops' pug do da hop-gon'
Pops: o my o my o

Pops fetch pot
Pops cop a cup
Pops all'ear
Pops: PugsyMugsy
Pops high'ope

Pops' pug arf ! arf !
Pops: here Mugs hear !
Pops' pug do da fall
Pops' Mugs retchbarf
Pops: o my o mylordy

R. T. Lustyg

Otto's pug

Otto's pug'snacious
Otto: off Pug go
Otto's pug bugs off
Otto: alone so

Otto holds bone
Otto cups nuts
Otto cocks ear
Otto: Pugs! Mugs?
Otto slopes hopes

Otto's pug boo!arfs!
Otto: hear here
Otto's Mugs comes
Otto's pug poopbarfs
Otto: oopsSIRIOUS

Roman Tychyn

otto's grotto

there was a young rascal named otto
who trained his pet pug in a grotto;
fetching apples and coal
was the primary goal,
but when puggy puked, omigodno!

Peter Dreyer

wayne’s weimaraner

trouser-humping mutt
get yo’ rear in gear; quick butt!
phoo fruit, coke blunder
but dogs come back to chunder--
oh, shi-i-i-it!

Peter Dreyer

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