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Peter Wawerzinek's novel "Motherless Child"

Peter Wawerzinek: "Motherless Child" (Rabenlieve)

Galiani Berlin

English excerpt

The book: Her absence appeared to him a black hole, the all-consuming negative pole in the life of Peter Wawerzinek. How could his mother have treated him this way, deserting him as a small child in the GDR when she fled to the West? Passed around various children's homes, the young boy remained mute until his fourth year. Painfully shy, he sought solace by listening to the birds, lying on his back, tweeting and chirping as he imitated their calls.

Throughout his life Peter Wawerzinek struggled to come to terms with his motherless existence and with the question of why his mother abandoned him as an orphan in the GDR. When, many years after the wall had come down, he visited her, the larger-than-life image he had constructed of his mother throughout the intervening decades failed to match reality. It was to be their one and only meeting. This is the shattering account of a motherless child struggling with his loss.

The author: Peter Wawerzinek was born as Peter Runkel in Rostock 1954 and lives in Berlin. He was left behind by his parents in the GDR as a small child and grew up in a number of different foster Many of his works are autobiographical. Since 1988, he has been a freelance writer, director, writer of audio plays and a singer, and much else besides.

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