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Doron Rabinovici's novel "Elsewhere"

Doron Rabinovici: "Elsewhere" (Andernorts)

Suhrkamp Verlag

English excerpt

The book: Why would Israeli cultural studies expert Ethan Rosen engage in controversy over an article he wrote himself? Does he not recognise his own writing? Or has he been set up by his colleague Rudi Klausinger, who is vying for the same professorship at Vienna University? Ethan Rosen and Rudi Klausinger are luminaries in the same field of research, but otherwise they are like chalk and cheese. Rosen can live anywhere but has no real home. He does not even give the woman he loves his real name. Klausinger, a golden boy who can adapt to any situation, is always restless. A bastard child, his search for his biological father is what drives him, and what ultimately leads him to Ethan Rosen. Rosen's father, an old Viennese Jew who survived Auschwitz, desperately needs a new kidney, and the entire family has become obsessed with finding the right donor. The very strange Rabbi Berkowitsch also develops a sudden interest in the Rosens: he thinks that Ethan's father's genes can help him bring the Messiah back to life.

The author: Doron Rabinovici was born 1961 in Tel Aviv and has lived in Vienna since 1964 .He is a writer, essayist and historian. In 2002, he was awarded the Clemens-Brentano-Preis, and in the same year, the Jean-Amery-Preis for "Instanzen der Ohnmacht", his pioneering study of how Jews were forced to cooperate with the Nazi regime.

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