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Dear readers of,

We've been online since March 1, 2005, delivering a daily press review of the German language feuilletons. Starting in October, we will only be able to provide a weekly summary, "From the Feuilletons," and two rather than three articles per week. Our newsletter will therefore go out just four times a week, with links to the "Magazine Roundup" on Tuesdays, "From the Feuilletons" on Fridays and as soon as the full-length articles go online over the course of the week.

Thanks to the generous three year funding of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the Kulturstiftung des Bundes, which is now reaching its end, we were able to put together an English editorial team which has translated roughly 420 important articles into English. Although we are having to reduce our editorial team, we will continue to translate articles from German and other languages into English. We are entering into a cooperation with the Dutch daily newspaper "Trouw" and will be translating selected articles from it. At the same time, we are in discussion with potential sponsors in several European countries about further financing for - Let's talk European.

The Rudolf Augstein Foundation in Hamburg has already agreed to support us for the coming four years, for which we are very grateful.

The foundation Post Amsterdam is building up a website that will draw attention to developments in the Netherlands that are of transnational importance and will at the same time feed the central desk (of in Berlin.

Information for possible sponsors can be found here; we are delighted for all forms of support.

Further information about our existing partnerships can be found here.

In particular we would like to thank the German Federal Cultural Foundation for making this project possible. We hope to be able to resume it in its entirety in the near future. will hold true to its motto "Let's Talk European" by continuing to translate important articles from German and other European languages into English.

October, 2007
Anja Seeliger and Thierry Chervel
Publishers - let's talk european