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I use daily (by RssReader). In particular I find "In Today's Feuilletons," Features, "What's on" especially helpful and informative.
Victor Homola, The New York Times

I visit different sections of at different intervals, and for different purposes. I click on “In Today’s Feuilletons“ most frequently, and browse through the various translated articles, keeping myself up to date on current cultural affairs. Less frequently, but perhaps in more depth, I tend to access and read articles via the subject category, e.g. electronic music. Not only do I find this feature beneficial when researching certain issues, but it also serves as a short cut to subject areas I find particularly interesting. I look forward to seeing this feature develop as the site increases its content.
Esme Nicholson, Freelancer, 3sat Kulturzeit

Becuase German print media is of a very high calibre but not all the editors at Courrier international have mastered German, my colleagues use on a regular basis. We are particularly interested in the debates on European topics.
Marco Schütz, Courrier international

At first glance my heart sank - there are so many things flagged up on the site which I want to read that it may adversely affect my social life. This is all credit to the site which is trawling parts of the sea of online and on paper writing that I had not yet ventured to, and seemed to be catching an interesting haul. I will have to put my social life on hold for a while, devour the site so I can go out again all the more interesting and informed in my conversations.
Hannah Cleaver, Freelancer, The Guardian

I read everyday in order to follow the latest debates playing out on Germany's feuilleton pages. I frequently use the weekly Magazine Roundup as a cheat-sheet with which I can stay up-to-date on the latest issues for watercooler discussion with a truly global perspective. And come weekend, the excellent "What's on" section informs me about the latest exhibitions in Berlin and all across Germany. is a tremendous contribution to German culture abroad and we at Spiegel Online wish you many more anniversaries. Keep up the excellent work.
Daryl Lindsey, Editor, Spiegel International

It's really very enjoyable to click through the German feuilleton world in English. The morning round-up is great because it is as snappy as most feuilleton articles are long-winded. It's nice to see things brought to the point. ... I really hope that the website is getting noticed outside of Germany and that it is increasing interest in the arts scene and drawing attention to the intellectual debate.
Derek Scally, The Irish Times

Congratulations on the 100th edition of signandsight. Here’s to hundreds more!
For me, signandsight offers useful insights into many aspects of life in Germany. It is extremely useful on specialised topics; helping we scribes keep in touch with some of the more off-beat goings on in the German capital, and also abreast of the nation’s whirl of political events. I wish signandsight every success for the future, plus a still greater range of journalistic users.
Clive Freeman, Freelancer, Great Britain

I use your site mostly to get a sense of what's being discussed in the intellectual circles of Europe. ... I enjoy your site greatly and find many of the articles very relevant to what I am trying to do with Political Theory Daily Review. Keep up the good work!
Alfredo Perez, Political Theory Daily Review

I find a useful addition to the mass of my daily-inflowing material. Some of the featured articles have been very helpful indeed - in focussing my attention with minimal Zeitaufwand to features I should but would otherwise not have read.
Peter Bild, Freelancer, Deutsche Welle

Social and cultural interpretations of German political developments are especially interesting for me in these times of rapid political change. “Magazine Roundup” is the most interesting and helpful section for me.
György Bence, Professor for Political Science, Lóránd-Eötvös-Universität, Budapest, Hungary

Happy celebration and many happy returns for! The website has a very intuitive structure, which makes the browsing easy and enjoyable. It is continuously updated, which makes the visitor to come back often to read the new information posted there. I regularly read the 'Features' by date section and I also browse 'In Today's Feuilletons' and 'Books this Season'.
Mugur Badarau, Project coordinator, Romanian Angel Appeal

As a Canadian, I appreciate exposure to a German/European perspective on European and world events. The magazine roundup is another favourite. I only wish more items could be translated into English to compensate for my regrettable inadequacies in other languages.
Elizabeth Anthony, Concordia University, Canada

I am a regular reader of I check out the latest from the newsletter that you deliver to my email. I find topics on the European Union especially interesting. Issues concerning EU are quickly taken note. "In Today's Feuilletons" and the various featured articles are the two sections that I constantly read.
D. Harishankar, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Tamil Nadu, India

I value the opportunity to be aware of what the newspapers in continental Europe, and especially Germany, are talking about. (Often very different to English papers.) ... Ich finde die Mischung von deutsch und englisch gut. Als Englaender der ein bisschen deutsch studiert hat, clicke ich manchmal an englischen links, manchmal an deutschen.
Alex Sweet, Great Britain

The site is particularly interesting for me because being British we have so little European viewpoint in our own press. Your site is very refreshing and is rapidly becoming one of my favourite sites.
Carol Freeman, Great Britain

I admire the seriousness of Germany's writers and journalists, whose views are often sharply different from those of their Anglo-Saxon counterparts. My German is very rusty so in my case the most useful sections are the summaries and articles in English.
Kevin M. B. Mundy

Although my interests are eclectic, I am particularly appreciative of pieces such as the one by a Polish author about the war graves on the WW1 eastern front. I first began to read your online publication through a link provided by the Arts & Letters Daily several months ago and realised that your offering is a convenient compendium of sources for gaining some knowledge of what's going on in Germany and Central Europe in general, especially for someone who has not enough German to read it with ease. Please continue with the good work.
Albert Jordan

As a recent transplant to Berlin from Washington DC your online publication is quite valuable to me. Although I have been studying German for a number of months and my language skills improve each day I am still grateful for the insights into German politics and culture which your authors and translators bring to me each day. I especially enjoy "In Today's Feuilletons" and your "Magazine Roundup" which help me take part in the rich dialogues regarding film, literature and current events which are shaping Europe today.
William Peters, USA

As a monolingual (English only) US citizen, I find signandsight of interest for many reasons. Most importantly, all of the sections at various times provide interesting topics, information, and viewpoints. I appreciate the various worldviews presented.
Michael J. Carey

German is the weakest and rustiest of my languages, a common problem out here in Karl May Country, so your prudent selections conserve my time and energy. Please keep up your efforts and maintain your standards. Your translations read like original English texts, a mark of excellence.
Bernard Hassan, USA

I love every aspect of your weekly roundup, and hope you go on for many more editions. My favourite these last 4 weeks were the food critic ones.
Amr Marzouk, Australia

I often use and as someone living in Asia I find, as a general rule, everything interesting. If I had to choose, I find the feuilletons always intriguing, like a door opening on various spaces.
GK, Indonesia

The section I rely on the most is "In Today's Feuilletons." I'm also very happy when you've translated some of the Feuilleton articles in their entirety. I don't know how you finance yourself, but I hope you continue to offer the service on the current terms (i.e., free!).
Daniel Mufson

I find the review of European newspapers and the press articles about German politics especially interesting. For me “Books this season” is especially interesting.
Jerome Roche, France

I use every weekday. Excellent and broad resources. Always interesting and stimulating. I appreciate the German and continental perspective on world politics. I also enjoy signandsight's coverage of some of the more obscure arts and culture stories. I love the feuilletons. Also the magazine roundup. Features are often very good too.
Trevor Zeck, USA

I am very, very pleased by the content of Living in Thailand one has little opportunity to follow events in European culture. I find the book news of most interest, but also avidly read the other items. Thank you for your very good service.
Danthong Breen, Thailand

I love it. I love the whole concept. "Magazine Roundup" is exceptional. Thank you for this fabulous summary of the leading news features. I love and greatly appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work!
Vivian Bobka, USA

CONGRATULATIONS! I love your site. It's easy to keep up todate and switch languages.
Rosi Jory, Canada

I think is a very good source of interesting information and I look forward to reviewing the site every day. Happy 100th Edition! Freundliche Grüße aus Schottland!
James - let's talk european