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Berlinale 2006

All our Berlinale film reviews at a glance

Breathless 8: Dismay at the Arthouse
This year's Berlin Film Festival proved that director Dieter Kosslick is honouring his committment to be political, proportional and popular. Ekkerhard Knörer only regrets that aesthetic criteria got left by the wayside. A summary.

Breathless 7
Jafar Panahi: "Offside" (Competition)
Claude Chabrol: "Comedy of Power - L'Ivresse du Pouvoir" (Competition)
Amir Muhammad: "The Last Communist" (Forum)

Breathless 6
Valeska Grisebach: "Longing" (Competition)
Pang Ho-cheung: "Isabella" (Competition)
Mani Haghighi: "Kargaran mashghool-e karand – Men at Work" (Forum)

Breathless 5
Rafi Pitt: "Zemestan - It's Winter" (Competition)
John Hillcoat: "The Proposition" (Panorama)
Matthew Barney: "Drawing Restraint 9" (Talent Campus)
Michael Winterbottom: "The Road to Guantanamo" (Competition)

Breathless 4
James McTeigue's "V for Vendetta" (Competition)
Matthias Glasner's "The Free Will" (Competition)
Pen-ek Ratanaruang's "Invisible Waves" (Competition)

Breathless 3
Thomas Arslan: "From Far Away" (Forum)
Detlev Buck: "Tough Enough" (Panorama)
Terrence Malick: "The New World" (Competition/ not competing)
Michael Glawogger: "Slumming" (Competition)
Robert Altman: "A Prairie Home Companion" (Competition)
Chen Kaige: "The Promise" (Competition/ not competing)
Stephen Gaghan: "Syriana" (Competition/ not competing)
Oskar Roehler: "Atomised" (Competition)
Michel Gondry: "The Science of Sleep" (Competition)
Jasmila Zbanic: "Grbavica" (Competition)

Breathless 2
Dalia Hager and Vidi Bilu: "Close to Home" (Forum)
Pernille Fischer Christensen "En Soap - A Soap" (Competition)
Sono Sion: "Strange Circus" (Forum)
Marc Evans: "Snow Cake" (Competition)

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