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French Riots Special

All eyes have been fixed on the rioting in France in recent weeks and as many theories have been spun as to the causes. We've collected together some of the most important voices from around the world and four related feature articles.

Voices on the French riots

Read a selection of the most important opinions from round the world as featured in In Today's Feuilletons and our Magazine Roundup.
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So long, Marianne
The riots in the French suburbs are taking place in an atmosphere rife with male violence where girls and women live in fear. If we really want to address the problem of burning cars, then we must also tackle the problem of burning girls. By Alice Schwarzer
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Integration through negation
For French philosopher Andre Glucksmann the rioting is an expression of hatred. You can blame socio-economic conditions, he says, but you won't get to the root of the problem until you look this hatred in the eye.
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The price of disdain
French author Francois Bon has spent years giving writing workshops to youths in the suburbs that are now being set ablaze. He looks critically at where the violence originated and with despair at where it's headed.
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Neither whores nor submissive
In the fractured suburbs of France, young Muslim men are increasingly acting as the guardians of public morals. Girls who don't conform to Islamic behavioural codes are threatened with rape or death. Fadela Amara's organisation "Ni putes ni soumises" ("neither whores nor submissive") is fighting back.By Rebecca Hillauer
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