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Marlene Streeruwitz's novel "The Hurtress"

Marlene Streeruwitz: "The Hurtress" (Die Schmerzmacherin)

S. Fischer Verlag

English excerpt

The book:

The author: Marlene Streeruwitz was born in Baden near Vienna, studied Slavonic studies and Art history. She got her start as director and author of theatre and radio plays. She has received many awards for her novels, most recently the Droste Prize and the Peter Rosegger Literary Prize and is one of the most important voices of German-language literature. Her most recent books published by S. Fischer Verlag are "Das wird mir alles nicht passieren‚Ķ", "Kreuzungen", "Entfernung", 2Jessica, 30", "Partygirl", "Nachwelt", "Lisa's Liebe", and "Verführungen".

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