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Jan Brandt's novel "Against the World"

Jan Brandt: "Against the World" (Gegen die Welt )

Dumont Verlag

English excerpt

The book: A village on the furthest outskirts of northwest Lower Saxony, only a few kilometres from the Dutch border: Cows are grazing on the meadows, farmers are tilling their fields, every once in a while the din of a low-lying aircraft disturbs the tranquility. Flowers are blossoming behind the trimmed cedar hedges, shiny, freshly waxed new cars stand in the driveways.

This is the world into which Daniel Kuper was born in the mid 1970s, a lanky, withdrawn boy with much too much imagination and much too little opportunity to live out only a fraction of it. Strange things soon start taking place and Kuper is held responsible. The more he tries to rebut the accusations, the deeper he gets enmeshed in them. Kuper takes up the fight against the village, its inhabitants, its traditions, its narrowness and its closeness. They are ones Kuper rebels against and they are the ones he loses out to in the end.

The author: Jan Brandt, born 1974 in Leer (Eastern Frisia), studied history and literature in Cologne, London and Berlin and graduated from the German Journalism School in Munich. His short stories have been published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the WOCHENENDE supplement of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Playboy.

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