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Thomas Lehr's novel "September: Fata Morgana"

Thomas Lehr: "September: Fata Morgana"

Carl Hanser Verlag

English excerpt

The book: .Two fathers and two daughters: the German-American professor of German studies Martin lives with his daughter Sabrina in the USA, Iraqi doctor Tarik and his daughter Muna live in Baghdad. Nothing links the two families. But then Sabrina dies in the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001, and Muna is killed in a bomb attack in Baghdad in the final days of the war in 2004. Thomas Lehr's novel sheds light on the political catastrophes of the recent past through the lives of two young women, and at the same time, embarks on a literary journey along the boundaries between two cultures.

The author: Thomas Lehr, born 1957 in Speyer, lives in Berlin. He has received many awards for his work. His most recent titles have been "Nabokovs Katze" (novel, 1999), "Frühling" (novella, 2001) and the novel "42" which was shortlisted for the German Book Prize in 2005.

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