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Clemens J. Setz's novel "Frequencies"

Clemens J. Setz: "Frequencies" (Die Frequenzen)

Residenz Verlag

English excerpt

The book:
Walter and Alexander used to be friends when they were only children – now their ways meet again.
This is the story of Walter, the son of an influential architect. He wants to become an actor – or is that what his father wants? Walter is given a chance when Valerie, an exhausted psychiatrist, askes him to play the parts of fictitious patients’ roles in group therapy sessions. Only he is too much absorbed in his part.
This is the story of Alexander. He is a nurse, a young man of spreading imagination, which developed in the shadows of his lonely childhood.
Alexander quits his job and tries to get rid of his girlfriend in order to be with Valerie. But one day she is found being beaten up brutally…
After his debut "Sons and Planets", for which he received nothing but approval from the critics, Clemens J. Setz presents a piece of work which exceeds all expectations: breathtakingly vigorous, colourful, of powerful expressions and yet gentle.

The author: Born in 1982 in Graz where he lives as a student of mathematics and German language and literature. Publication include contributions to magazines and anthologies. His first novel "Sons and Planets" was nominated for the aspeckte literature award 2007. 2008 he was awarded the Ernst-Willner Preis at the Bachmann Competition.
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