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Sherko Fatah's novel "The Dark Ship"

Sherko Fatah: The Dark Ship (Das dunkle Schiff)

Hardcover | 430 pages | ISBN 9783902497369 | Feb 2008 | Jung und Jung Verlag

English excerpt

The book: Kerim, son of a restaurant owner murdered by Saddam Hussein's secret service, sets out from Iraq's border area on the arduous and dangerous journey to Europe. He has got involved with holy warriors, been inducted by them in their deadly art and travelled the country with them, before deciding to flee from their path of violence. Kerim arrives in Berlin as an asylum seeker and tries to start a new life in Germany. In a foreign land, he finds his first love, but the past cannot be shaken off. His native country catches up with him when the holy warriors track him down in Germany and punish him for his flight.
Kerim's story is that of a small, concrete life in the midst of major upheavals, and his experience is not as unusual as Europeans may think. An intelligent suspense novel about extremism, the power of its lure and the consequences. Exciting, vibrant and full of sadness.

The author:
Sherko Fatah, born 1964 in Berlin, spent childhood years in the GDR and moved to West Germany in 1975. He studied philosophy and art history in Berlin. He has been awarded the aspekte-Literaturpreis, the Sonderpreis des Deutschen Kritikerprises für das bemerkenswerteste Prosa-Debüt and the Hilde-Domin-Preis für Literatur im Exil.
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